Wall Texture

Wall texture finishes are divided into three basic types: smooth, paint-textured, and plaster-textured. Walls intended for wallpaper generally are made completely smooth, while painted walls are often given a slightly pebbled surface, e.g. paint-textured. Wall texture is often created with textured paints that are usually applied with a brush, roller, or most often with spray equipment. They can be applied to ceilings as well as walls. Plaster wall textures, such as Venetian plaster, require a more involved process that can creature stunning effects, especially in combination with faux finishes (see Custom Decorative Painting).

Photo of Venetian plaster

Venetian Plaster Finishes, Plaster Wall Textures

Venetian plaster walls have become very popular in California homes recently. Venetian plaster, with its warm hues and textured surfaces, has the allure of natural stone and the charm of old world design. Venetian plaster blends well with all types of decor, whether contemporary or traditional. Consider the look of an old French country kitchen or a rustic Tuscan farmhouse. The skilled craftsmen at Johnson Custom Painting can create all styles of plaster-textured surfaces on your walls and ceilings, including Venetian plaster, lace effects, knock-down, swirl, or skip-trowel. Plaster wall texture can be applied from a simple, elegant pattern to a rough, old-world look. A textured ceiling can add depth and definition to its surface.

Photo of wall texture

Textured Paint

Wall textures are often created with textured paint which usually contains Perlite, a sand like additive that ranges from fine to coarse. Wall textures can be applied with various types of brushes, special patterned rollers, spray, or a combination of techniques. Although the application of textured paint requires experience to do well, it is an uncomplicated process that can result in striking effects. Among the types of wall textures that can be created with this method are swirl, orange peel, crows foot, splatter, and stipple. Smoother wall textures reflect more light and tend to make a room brighter. Smooth finished walls are recommended for rooms that are cleaned often such as a bathroom or kitchen. Rougher wall textures give a room a more rustic and natural appearance.

Whether it is Venetian plaster or other styles of wall texture you are considering, the experts at Johnson Custom Painting would be happy to meet with you and discuss the various options of wall textures that would look best in your home. Simply call or email and we will make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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